My Journey

A journey does not start in a place but in the heart.

Ten years ago I made the insane decision to sell all I had, packed two suitcases and took one last look at my home from the car that sped me off to the airport.

There was no turning back. No back up plan and no promises. I started my life as an Urbanite gypsy.

I travelled from the Philippines where I was born to Vienna, then to Chishinau in the Republic of Moldova, to London, to Switzerland where I am now a citizen, New York, Boston, Barcelona, Bath in Somerset, and my final stop Edinburgh in Scotland.

I trained as a Classical Singer for seven years at the age of 42. I love the Opera but somehow something was missing.

My voice was not comfortable and neither was my heart.

So one day I sat at a keyboard and did what I loved to do as a teenager. I hummed a tune and played some chords. Then to my surprise I wrote words and music that gave my soul its voice.

The journey isn’t over yet as my heart has much to learn.

To all those I have met through my travels, I thank you for the gift of your friendship.

To those I have yet to meet, I will see you soon.